Since the launch of the original iPhone the smartphone has conquered the world as the number one consumer device. Baseflow’s team is very experienced in mobile, and all it’s aspects involved.

The speed at which the mobile eco system is travelling through time is unprecedented. This served us as consumers very well, but is a huge challenge for companies to keep up with.

Which technology should you use? Which technology should you abandon? How to deal with the more and more important topic of security? How to keep your users engaged? How to deal with device fragmentation?

Baseflow can help you out with executing your mobile strategy. Not only can we advise you on how to execute it, we can execute it for you. And while your busy expanding your business we’re taking care of your mobile strategy.

Because we’re a diverse and experienced team we can advise you what is the best technology for the job. Whether it’s native, web-based or cross-platform: we can help out. This diversity also means that we don’t have a ‘preferred technology’: we’re simply looking what suits your case best.

To give you an idea of our capabilities: we’ve got Microsoft Xamarin MVP’s on-board, Cordova / Ionic / Angular specialists, Facebook’s React Native, true native (both iOS and Android) and we’re already experimenting with Google’s ‘new kid on the block’ Flutter.

You’re missing something? Contact us, because we’re pretty sure our team already looked at it.