We’re huge fans of cross-platform development as it’s time efficient and is actually taking it on with native development. Compromises are decreasing every day.

Maurits knows all about Mobile

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While you’re busy expanding your business we’re taking care of your mobile strategy.


Next to full native development for iOS and Android, we're using cross-platform technologies. In most cases this is more time efficient and flexible enough. Xamarin or Flutter are our go-to technologies, but only if they fit to the challenge the client has.

Flutter is a rising star. We’re using it for business critical apps and are massively impressed by the flexibility and performance. As we are in close contact with the Google Flutter team thus getting the latest information and support.



Control your high-end audio devices with this Bluetooth enabled app.

WeGo carsharing


Shared cars are getting more popular every day. We made an app to book your car and see upcoming reservations. With Bluetooth or GPRS you can unlock your car from your phone.

Chameleon Media Player


A cross-platform app that plays your local or external media files on any device. Showcase of our open source MediaManager plugin.

Technology second

Because we’re a diverse and experienced team we can advise you what is the best technology for the job. Whether it’s native, web-based or cross-platform, we can help out.

This means that we don’t have a preferred technology. We’re simply looking what suits your case best.

the baseflow team

To give you an idea of our capabilities: we’ve got Microsoft Xamarin MVP’s on-board, Cordova / Ionic / Angular specialists, Facebook React Native experience, true native (both iOS and Android) and we’re already working with Google’s new technology Flutter.