Our experience in ML and AI using techniques as TensorFlow will help us take you to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence is starting to play a more important role in our modern lives. For decades programmers have been experimenting with AI technologies, but only in recent years hardware and software algorithms have become powerful enough to be useful in a wide range of solutions. We at Baseflow have specialists that can help out with all different aspects of AI.

Home Assistants

AI is used in Home Assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant or Microsoft’s Cortana. At Baseflow we believe integration with different assistants can be of huge value to your company. They provide a very direct communication channel with potential customers. When you are hungry and fancy something to eat you will just tell the assistant: “I want a salad, and I want it now.”. The salad bar around the corner having the right the integration with the assistant will provide you with your order.

Baseflow provides smart integrations with these intelligent assistants. We can help your company to use this communication channel in the most optimal way.

Recommender Systems

Another very useful application of AI is in so called recommender systems. Recommender systems can be used to optimise search results in a web shop, but also to predict what will be the best time to send out a marketing campaign. It can even suggest the content for the marketing campaign itself.

We are experienced in building and hosting recommender systems. But more importantly, we can help out with getting and structuring the necessary data for such a system.

Anomaly and pattern detection

AI can also be used for real time monitoring of your data and technical systems. This can be useful in e.g. predicting maintenance of hardware systems, or detecting an anomaly in your order process. We use modern hardware and software libraries like Tensorflow, Elastic Search etc. to implement the best solution possible for your challenge.