Modern day hifi consumers demand seamless integration with several audio streaming solutions. This does not only require a CPU embedded in your audio device, but also a software platform that runs the necessary services to make your audio device connected to the internet.

Enter Baseflow Audio

Baseflow Audio bringing music close to you Our platform provides a modern and modular software stack capable of running on a wide range of ARM-based processors. With a wide range of streaming solutions supported out of the box you can increase your speed to market.

Baseflow Audio (BA) comes with a friendly web interface that makes it possible for your customers to configure their audio device while sitting comfortably in their chair, instead of having to navigate through dozens of settings using only a tiny display.

Its advanced and secure atomic update mechanism makes sure your customers are always equipped with the latest software for their audio device.

A broad spectrum of devices is available on the market and we can implement our software on any of those devices.

We also developed an (optional) hardware component that can be integrated in your device. We will help with integrating if neccessary.

Baseflow Audio schematics

Audio streaming solutions

In the early days of audio streaming there was basically only one solution: DLNA/UPnP. However, times have changed. Not only different solutions exist for streaming locally (at home), but there’s also a wide range of internet streaming technologies available. BA can bring these technologies to your audio device.

Whether it’s Roon™, Spotify™, Sonos™ or any of the other streaming solutions: BA delivers.

Cloud connected

Having a software platform in your audio device brings some unique options other than playing audio. BA can optionally provide a customer support interface to your customers right from the device. Registering a device for marketing purposes? With a simple click your customer can register his purchased device without filling in an extensive form on your website. Requesting support? Customers can do that directly from the device’s web interface, providing all the necessary information automatically.

Its analytics module can give you important feedback on how your device is being used, where it is located, when it was installed, etc.

Mobile Apps

While the BA web interface is nice for configuring the audio device, for basic control functions a mobile app is more suitable. BA optionally comes with a white label mobile app.


Baseflow’s senior development team can extend BA with custom software, developed according to your wishes. You want a totally different (branded) design for the web page? Or you have your own design for the mobile app? No problem, we will take care of it.

Curious on what we can do for you? Give us a call and we can discuss options.