Baseflow Audio

We connect high-end audio systems to modern streaming services. Custom integrations combined with our own open-source software Ropieee.

is all about FLACs and DACs.

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Bringing high quality audio to your living room.

Hardware and software integrators

Our platform provides a modern and modular software stack capable of running on a wide range of ARM-based processors. With multiple streaming solutions supported out of the box you can increase your speed to market.

Baseflow Audio (BA) comes with a friendly web interface that makes it possible for your customers to configure their audio device while sitting comfortably in their chair, instead of having to navigate through dozens of settings using only a tiny display.

Its advanced and secure atomic update mechanism makes sure your customers are always equipped with the latest software for their audio device.

A broad spectrum of devices is available on the market and we can implement our software on any of those devices.

We also developed an (optional) hardware component that can be integrated in your device. We will help with integrating if neccessary.

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As much as we like digital technologies, physical products have a special place in our hearts as well.