Web Summit

November 5, 2018 - November 8, 2018

Web Summit started as a simple idea in 2010: Let’s connect the technology community with all industries, both old and new. It seemed to resonate. Web Summit has grown to become the “largest technology conference in the world”.

Web Summit is a meeting place for all those invested in the impact of technology on our lives. It brings together the founders and CEOs of the world’s most influential companies like Mercedes-Benz, Google and Booking.com with the people leading the behemoths of tomorrow. Web Summit 2017 welcomed 60,000 attendees, including 1,200 speakers, 2,600 international media, and 1,400 investors. No conference has ever grown so large so fast. But we also pride ourselves in organising the “best technology conference on the planet”.

You can attend a variety of talks in areas such as marketing, design, coding, robotics and much more. You’ll also get access to our mobile app where you will be able to search and chat with CEOs and founders of the world’s most influential companies to the people building the companies of tomorrow, investors and more. Sounds good so far? You’ll also get the opportunity to experience curated roundtables and workshops, special nighttime networking events.

Web Summit 2018 is taking place in the Altice Arena (formerly known as MEO Arena) in Lisbon, Portugal.

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