WeGo carsharing


Shared cars are getting more popular every day. We made an app to book your car and see upcoming reservations. With Bluetooth or GPRS you can unlock your car from your phone.

About this case

Why this app?

WeGo creates effective and sustainable mobility through innovative carsharing. Their carsharing solutions make your vehicles accessible to your users via the App and provide insights into the usage of the cars.

Through their proprietary technology and accessible service, they can increase the occupancy rate of your vehicles, offer unique user experience, and contribute to improving society.

WeGo contributes to the transition to electric driving. Carsharing makes electric cars – which at the moment are still expensive – accessible to everyone because of the pay-per-use model.

Baseflow found a partner in WeGo as the same motivations drive them. We both try to change the world for the better with technology and help people.

The Goal

Create a seamless booking and drive experience with the WeGo App for end-users and to make it easy for businesses to get the most out of their mobility fleets.

The Challenge

A two-part challenge concerning usability and accessibility.

WeGo wanted to ensure to increase usability so that business can get;

  • Higher utilization from all mobility assets
  • Make better use of existing fleets
  • Help to shrink the size of some fleets
  • Create a secure digital record of drive times. (This helps both the fleet master and the driver for a digital logbook solution.)

On top of that, WeGo needed to overcome physical key management by finding an alternative solution, so that all cars can be accessible anywhere at any time.


WeGo was looking for a technology solution that; integrated well with an existing Bluetooth technology base, was easily adaptable and human-friendly, and was able to be rolled out in under three months.

Baseflow's Solution

A beautiful app made with Flutter with logical user experience. The result was a native-like App for both iOS and Android devices. An impeccable Geo-location device that helps you show your location and where your car is located. Never get lost or lose your car again!

A business-critical app made with Flutter

The app can create and view bookings, facilitate payment, locate the car and unlock it. From start to finish the app takes care of both the user and the fleet manager. The App is the centerpiece of the WeGo Platform. Baseflow created an open-source component for the GPS, and it is now one of the most popular plugins in the Flutter ecosystem.

Using the flutter framework

WeGo wanted a Native App, but Baseflow convinced the team to use Flutter. By using cross-platform development Baseflow could create two apps from the same codebase making an almost identical look and feel on both apps. WeGo decided against using the Native OS styles for a uniform look.

Designing for the future

Baseflow helped WeGo to the realization that, with such a quick time to market, what you build can't all be there or perfect. However, if you can build a solid base, it's effortless to add features in the future.

Baseflow has a robust UX design

Great UX design helps users do what they want to do when interacting with your business. Baseflow made several suggestions that made it easier for people to use our App and improve engagement levels.

Understanding your users is key

The App is only around 30 megabytes, so it performs well on older phones. WeGo runs a Neighbourhood initiative that encourages people to share second cars. The primary users are 60 years old and tend to have older or even second-hand phones. It's essential the product would work with a diverse range of users across different devices. Using Flutter ensured that the App would look great and uniform across those devices.

What did WeGo achieve with Baseflow?

Apart from a great app, WeGo saw an immediate increase in downloads on the app store and improved ratings and positive comments on Facebook. Overall they were thrilled with the end product and how they worked together.