Do you want to build premier Xamarin apps, while still appreciating the strengths of native development? Do you love iOS and Android each for their unique strengths? Are you async / awaiting the best job of your life?

If you’ve answered “yes” to a few of the above questions, we’d like to talk to you.

Successful applicants:

  • Contribute code that is clean, idiomatic, tested and thoroughly documented
  • Love learning and working with lots of different technologies
  • Enthusiastically solve problems without being asked
  • Seek better and more efficient ways to solve problems
  • Implement moving designs and animations with an eye for performance and user experience

Valuable skills could be:

  • Real life experience with C# and .NET Core
  • Deep understanding of computing systems, software architecture, data structures, and algorithms
  • Can collaborate with an agile, cross functional and cross platform teams
  • Understands quality code and architecture

Bonus points:

  • Published Apps (with or without Xamarin)
  • Development experience with either the Android or iOS platform (or both)
  • Along with your resume, please include your GitHub account if you have one, as well as any relevant application or code samples.