Do you want to build best-of-class web apps with a team of smart and friendly people? Do you want to learn new frameworks and use tech like React and the latest goodies available in the ESNext ecosystem? Do you have strong opinions (weakly held) about whether or not strong types are something JavaScript needs?

Maybe you think JavaScript gets a bad rap because most developers don’t take advantage of prototypal inheritance. Or maybe you can fully appreciate both sides of the heated “Mixing JS and CSS” flame war (even if you’re pretty certain you know the right answer).

If you’ve answered “yes” to a few of the above questions, we’d like to talk to you.

Successful applicants:

  • Have exceptional front-end web skills
  • Deeply understand and appreciate quality code and architecture
  • Can effectively communicate complex requirements and collaborate with designers, developers, and our clients
  • Are just as (or more) likely to look for their answers in framework source code than on SO (and also understand that official documentation should - almost always be the first stop)
  • Provide helpful and friendly feedback in code reviews and in-person and apply a growth mindset to receiving feedback

Valuable skills could be:

  • Knowledge of JS, CSS, and HTML — inside and out
  • Experience building scalable projects using React, Backbone, or some other client-side JS framework
  • Experience integrating 3rd party API’s
  • Experience using a version control system like Git or SVN

Bonus points:

  • Knowledge of SASS, Less, or another CSS preprocessor
  • You get really jazzed about frontend tooling
  • Maybe you have a preferred stack, but you’re willing to adapt to meet the needs of the project
  • Curiosity to explore new frameworks and languages to keep up with the evolving ecosystem
  • Interest in exploring different programming paradigms (e.g. functional programming)
  • Experience with Node and full stack applications
  • Has worked with CI

Along with your resume, please include your GitHub account, if you have one, as well as any relevant application or code samples.