Baseflow is continuously seeking new talent. People who think craftsmanship and teamwork make a difference. Our diverse team loves to build great things for our customers and while doing that we have a lot of fun.

Autonomy is one of our core values, so nobody is going to tell you that you need to do something because “he or she said so”. And we love Open Source, so you will be given the time to work on that too. How cool is that?

We’re’re always looking for anyone who’s passionate for what he or she does. Senior or junior: you are more than welcome to apply with what you’ve got! We’re looking forward to hear your story…


So you want to learn from the best? Or you think you can learn the best some new tricks? We’re always looking for motivated students that aren’t afraid to try new things. Contact Harry to discuss options!

Open positions

These are some examples of the positions we are looking for, but even if you don’t fit any of them apply for a job anyways and we’ll have a talk to see how we can work together!

Backend engineer

At the foundation of every interesting and valuable mobile experience is a powerful backend. Architecting and building robust, fault-tolerant, scalable mobile server-side solutions requires expertise and attention to detail.

We will build secure, scalable solutions for our clients that work great now and contemplate the future, and always outclass their competition. It’s a tall order but at Baseflow it’s what we do every single day.

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Frontend developer

Do you want to build best-of-class web apps with a team of smart and friendly people? Do you want to learn new frameworks and use tech like React and the latest goodies available in the ESNext ecosystem? Do you have strong opinions (weakly held) about whether or not strong types are something JavaScript needs?

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IoT / Embedded engineer

As an embedded software developer, you develop and maintain the embedded software for the IoT products that we design.

Would you like to join a creative and dynamic team? Are you seeking a role where you could have a meaningful impact? See how you could contribute to our organization below.

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Software developer

Do writing and reading great code make you smile? Do you want to collaborate with people that continuously push each other to be better in a friendly, non-egotistical environment? Would you like to make a huge impact by solving challenges for some of the world’s largest and best-known companies and brands?

If you have the talent and experience for this position, we’d like to talk to you.

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UI & UX Designer

Baseflow’s Design Team plays a central role in helping our clients envision and design the experience of their mobile products.

We are looking for a designer who can give form to their ideas and iterate on them while paying attention to every detail. Are you passionate about solving problems through design? Do you follow emerging tech and design trends? Are you motivated by driving design culture and creativity?

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Xamarin developer

Do you want to build premier Xamarin apps, while still appreciating the strengths of native development? Do you love iOS and Android each for their unique strengths? Are you async / awaiting the best job of your life?

If you’ve answered “yes” to a few of the above questions, we’d like to talk to you.

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